Option A: Ring Size Chart: Measure a ring that you already own!

By measuring a ring, you already own, you can ensure that you are choosing the correct size. This is definitely the way to go if you are trying to buy a ring as a surprise for someone else, just sneak away a ring that they already own, measure it and place it back before they notice it is gone!

1. Print out the ring size chart shown above.

2. Place a ring (that you know fits well) over each circle until the inside of the ring lines up with the outside of the circle.

3. If you seem to be in between sizes, remember that it is recommended to order the larger size.

 Option 2: Ring Size Guide: Measure your Finger

You can easily measure your ring size by using common household items such as string, ribbon, paper or even floss.

Supplies you will need:

– A piece of string, paper, floss or ribbon

– Pen or pencil

– Ruler

– Measuring Tape (optional)

1. Cut about a 6” long piece of non-stretchy string or a thin strip of paper

2. Wrap it snugly around the base of your finger, make sure not to let the string stretch when wrapping around your finger.

Tip: Wrap the string right underneath your knuckle to be sure that the ring with fit over this part of your finger

3. Using a pen, carefully mark where the string/paper begins to overlap when forming a circle

4. Using your ruler, measure the length, in millimeters, of the string from the end to the mark you made

5. If you have measuring tape, just wrap around the base of your finger to measure the circumference in millimeters

Compare the length to the ring size guide shown below to get your correct ring size. Remember that if you are in between two sizes, always go with the larger size!

Now if you are still unsure of your ring size and feel like you need an even more accurate result, you can always reach out to your Stella & Dot Stylist who has a ring size measuring tool. She is happy to help you find the perfect fit and has great advice on how to layer rings together!

Now you know how to measure your ring size at home using a chart, guide, or with the help of your Stella & Dot Stylist. We are here to make sure you find the perfect fit and can offer styling solutions if you are looking to try something new! Before you make your next ring purchase, double check your ring size using this guide.

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