The drop shipping cycle

1) Receive customer order

2) Place an order with GOLDANIZA with discount code.

3) Receive payment from the customer

4) The parcel will be shipped out to the customer

5) Customer will receive the parcel within 5 working days


How to apply for dropship with GOLDANIZA?

1) Contact us via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

2) You will need to pay a membership fee in order to become our drop shipper.

3) Special discount code will be given.

4) You can then sell any of our products on our website and sell at either the original price/ higher price.

5) Apply the discount code when you checkout. Fill in the customer’s shipping address so we could ship directly to your customer. If you prefer cash on delivery with customers then you may fill your own address so you could do so.

6) Your profit = the number of discount (%) of sales or more.



We are looking for drop shippers to help us grow our business! Our goal is to run the most dropship friendly program in our industry and we are dedicated to supporting you with all means necessary. We would love to build a long-lasting relationship with you and help you attain success in promoting our company. We hereby are committed to helping our drop- shippers achieve success with our program!